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Plenary Session

On fractal faithfulness of Vitali coverings, DP-transformations and fractal properties of singular measures
Grygoriy Torbin

Section 3a: Voronoi Diagrams. Theoretical Aspects

Fill the space by convex polyhedra
Anatoliy Turbin

Section 4: Fractal Analysis and Fractal Geometry

On faithfulness of fine covering families generated by $I$-$Q_\infty$-representation
Iryna Harko, Grygoriy Torbin
On metric and dimensional theories of ICS-expansions
Olha Vaskova, Grygoriy Torbin

Poster Session

On geometric Cantor series expansions and fractal properties of related probability measures
Nadiya Balytska, Grygoriy Torbin
On new phenomena related to fractal properties of infinite Bernoulli convolutions with essential overlaps
Ganna Ivanenko, Grygoriy Torbin