Presentations and Authors

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Plenary Session

Pólya's method to construct Voronoi diagrams
Rikard Bøgvad
On fractal faithfulness of Vitali coverings, DP-transformations and fractal properties of singular measures
Grygoriy Torbin

Section 1: Number Theory

$p$-adic $L$-functions and $p$-adic (multiple) zeta values
Nikolaj Glazunov
Specials values of some partial twisted zeta functions associated to polynomials
Christoper Jesus Salinas Zavala
The investigation of Euler's totient function preimages
Ruslan Skuratovskii, Dmitriy Rudenko

Section 3a: Voronoi Diagrams. Theoretical Aspects

Fill the space by convex polyhedra
Anatoliy Turbin

Section 4: Fractal Analysis and Fractal Geometry

Analysis of fractional-differential models of the solutions dynamics in inhomogeneous media
Kateryna Bozhonok, Valentyn Bilenko, Svitlana Dzyadyk
Continuous transformations preserving tails of an $A$-continued fraction representation of numbers
Artem Chuikov, Mykola Pratsiovytyi
On faithfulness of fine covering families generated by $I$-$Q_\infty$-representation
Iryna Harko, Grygoriy Torbin
Functions generated by the Lüroth series and some of their properties
Yevheniia Kalashnikova
Lebesgue structure of asymmetric Bernoulli convolutions based on Jacobsthal–Lucas sequence
Dmytro Karvatsky
On fractal properties of probability measures generated by ML-expansions
Maryna Lupain
Cantorvals and incomplete sums of positive series
Vita Markitan, Ihor Savchenko
Essentially non-normal numbers for Cantor series expansions
Roman Nikiforov
Cantor type functions that have not monotonicity intervals except for constancy intervals
Mykola Pratsiovytyi, Olga Svynchuk
Hausdorff dimension of the probability measure with independent $Q_\infty$-symbols
Olena Smiian
On problem of singularity of distributions with independent symbols of $F$-expansion
Liliia Sydoruk
Structural and self-similar properties of representatives of one class of fractal functions and distributions of their values
Sofiia Ratushniak
On metric and dimensional theories of ICS-expansions
Olha Vaskova, Grygoriy Torbin

Poster Session

On geometric Cantor series expansions and fractal properties of related probability measures
Nadiya Balytska, Grygoriy Torbin
Representation of real numbers in Cantor system related to binary series and Fibonacci sequence
Olga Bondarenko
On new phenomena related to fractal properties of infinite Bernoulli convolutions with essential overlaps
Ganna Ivanenko, Grygoriy Torbin
The distributions of values of functions of the Cantor type related to Ostrogradsky and Sylvester series
Iryna Lysenko, Yanina Goncharenko, Mykola Pratsiovytyi
A generalization of the Walsh series by means of $Q_2$-representation of real numbers
Mykola Pratsiovytyi, Julia Maslova
Fractal properties of one class of nonmonotonic singular functions of Cantor's type
Svitlana Vaskevych
Properties of the family of continuous functions preserving a $Q_s$-digit with accumulation
Natalya Vasylenko, Irina Zamriy
On the natural analogues of two classical Weyl’s theorems
Mark Zeldich

Round Table

The dynamic complexity paradigm of large distributed systems and Voronoi lattices
Vladimir Saptsin
G. F. Voronoy’s creativity in scientific issues of his followers and destinies of descendants
Iryna Voronaya, Vladimir Saptsin