Presentations and Authors

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Section 1: Number Theory

Specials values of some partial twisted zeta functions associated to polynomials
Christoper Jesus Salinas Zavala
The investigation of Euler's totient function preimages
Ruslan Skuratovskii, Dmitriy Rudenko

Section 4: Fractal Analysis and Fractal Geometry

Cantorvals and incomplete sums of positive series
Vita Markitan, Ihor Savchenko
Cantor type functions that have not monotonicity intervals except for constancy intervals
Mykola Pratsiovytyi, Olga Svynchuk
Hausdorff dimension of the probability measure with independent $Q_\infty$-symbols
Olena Smiian
On problem of singularity of distributions with independent symbols of $F$-expansion
Liliia Sydoruk

Round Table

The dynamic complexity paradigm of large distributed systems and Voronoi lattices
Vladimir Saptsin
G. F. Voronoy’s creativity in scientific issues of his followers and destinies of descendants
Iryna Voronaya, Vladimir Saptsin